About Us

MDC’s reputation as one of the leading insurance software providers has been earned over many years of successful trading in the industry and by establishing joint projects and ventures with several major national and multi-national organisations.

Just some of the companies that we have worked with include:

  • Allianz Ireland
  • FBD Insurance
  • NoNonsense.ie
  • IBM
  • Mindtree (global information technology solutions company)
  • Territory Insurance (TIO)

FBD Insurance and Ryanair used MDC’s InsureIT software to provide car insurance under the ‘nononsense.ie’ branding and through Ryanair’s e-commerce website ‘cheapcarinsurance.com’.

InsureIT was able to offer those using the on-line insurance quotation service the ability to completely build their policy on-line which reduced our clients cost while increasing revenue.

MDC is Ireland’s leading insurance innovator having been involved in a number of key milestones for the insurance industry in Ireland, such as:

  • The first quote and buy web site
  • The first comparative quotation website
  • The first online taxi insurance service
  • The first dedicated cloud supported insurance software packages

MDC's Key Milestones


If you want to put you and your organisation ahead of the game you need to consider working with the insurance innovators in Ireland. We have helped to streamline important aspects of the insurance business including:

  • Client quotation systems
  • Policy renewal and retrieval software
  • Cloud based insurance solutions
  • Bespoke design and consultancy
  • Broker Insurance solutions
  • Insurance Company solutions

MDC's Global Reputation

MDC has advised and participated on projects in:

  • Ireland
  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • United States of America

Our global reputation for integrity and innovation in the insurance sector has enabled MDC to develop and grow the products and services that we offer to ever higher industry standards.


Our clients continue to directly benefit from our experience in this regard and we are constantly committed to ensuring that our products meet the exacting demands of our clients.


Our two main insurance software products:

have enabled us to focus on key areas of the insurance industry such as:

  • Commercial business
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Household insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Private motor insurance

Insurance Software Products


Our fully cloud enabled web and back office integrated systems allow MDC to provide support and back up on all aspects of our clients insurance infrastructure.


At MDC we have an excellent track record in:

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Dedication
  • On time and within budget delivery

MDC is proud to make our dedicated insurance solutions available on both the national and inter-national insurance market. From the micro to the macro levels of the insurance industry we can advise, support and offer new and innovative solutions for the complete insurance sales cycle and the on-going policy administration cycle.