Hosted / Managed Services

Having operated in the insurance industry for over quarter of a century, MDC has evolved and streamlined advanced approaches in relation to hosting and managing services on behalf of our clients.


Give your insurance organisation the cutting edge that it needs in today’s market place and contact MDC today to see how we can host and manage key areas of your insurance operations.

  • MDC has a proven track record in hosting major multi-national Insurance Companies e-commerce insurance portals and client’s B2B & B2C solutions.

    For example we currently host and manage all of the Allianz Insurance Company’s business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce web sites in Ireland.

    This highlights the fact that MDC is one of the leading suppliers in managing and hosting insurance solutions in the Irish market place.

  • Benefits of engaging MDC to host and manage your insurance operations include

    • All transactions are conducted in real-time
    • All quotes are generated free of charge
    • Only quotes which are completed incur a fee (this means we only get paid when you get paid)
    • Cloud based support means that no-upfront investment is needed by our clients
    • Data is always fully backed up
    • Disaster recovery is fully incorporated

    This enables your company to focus on selling insurance, safe in the knowledge that your infrastructure is in good hands.

    All of our hosted solutions are provided through our partner BT from their state of the art facilities in Citywest so you don’t have to worry about your data leaving Ireland therefore ensuring that there are no concerns from a data protection point of view.

  • MDC can also fully support and host every aspect of your organisations e-commerce insurance sales strategy including:

    • Blogs
    • Social media feeds
    • Client interaction
    • Sales pipeline backup
    • Client database support

    MDC hosted and managed services are so successful because we have the advanced insurance software to support the full range of our client’s needs and expectations. We have been successfully running our software as a service (SaaS) facility since 1999, before the dawn of ‘cloud computing’.