Cloud Based Insurance Solutions

In recent years the increasing use of cloud based methodologies to back up and host a range of products and services has greatly increased. Today everything from email accounts to smart phones are using cloud based technology to improve user experience, data retrieval and back up options.


The insurance industry is no different in this regard and MDC were the first adopters of this technology within the insurance industry in Ireland.

  • Cloud computing has become something of a buzz word in the business world today, and as such has suffered from a lack of context and real meaning being associated with the terminology.

    However, simply stated, cloud based services use remote servers to store your data and digital records. Our cloud based service provides both a low cost and low risk environment for our clients.

    MDC use cloud based solutions to support our clients business operations and safeguard their business intelligence and client database.

    MDC currently offer two main insurance software solutions:

    as fully cloud supported and managed software solutions for your organisation.

  • Some of the advantages of using MDC’s completely cloud based insurance solutions include:

    • Internal servers not needed to store data
    • Easy to set up and use
    • All your companies’ data is backed up and protected
    • Low cost alternative to self-hosting
    • Secure
    • Grows seamlessly with your business

    MDC’s cloud based insurance solutions operate without your organisation having to compromise on any aspect of your business needs. Our cloud based services still offer you complete application integration including:

    • Capability to integrate with CRM
    • Integration with back-office insurance application

    Extensions for AS2, EDI, XML and Web Service integration

  • The main lines of insurance business that MDC support via our cloud based services are:

    • Commercial business
    • Commercial vehicle
    • Household insurance
    • Travel insurance
    • Private motor insurance

    However we are also involved in niche insurance markets that require a higher level of specific industry data in order to operate effectively.

    Regardless of the insurance sector that your organisation operates within, or indeed if you are a sole trader, brokerage or insurance company MDC can make our cloud based insurance solutions work for you.

    Cloud based resources can be very cost effective as they do not require prohibitive up-front investment to manage and operate successfully.

    The fact that staff need minimal training to interact with these services is also another massive benefit to any organisation that is aware of the importance of allocating resources strategically.